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Aberica developers’ team has gained substantial knowledge and experience in operating with different development platforms to match projects' uniqueness and clients’ requirements. We implement the latest innovations in the e-commerce application development and constantly invest in programming quality.

Our professionals excel in providing cost-efficient and technically-impeccable solutions using Java EE platform and Microsoft .Net framework as needed or upon request. Aberica team’s competencies are structured around developing highly scalable applications to manage the growing demands of enterprise clients.

We are constantly expanding our expert knowledge and implementing technological innovations in our methodology. Aberica Inc. makes a long-term investment in the quality of its team by encouraging professional growth.

Java EE

Adopting the latest advancements in the Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) allows our developers’ team to build web applications at reduced time cycles, while optimizing the cost-to-performance ratio. Our programming capabilities are enriched multifold by incorporating the newest specifications of the Java EE platform to construct powerful enterprise applications that best match our clients’ strategic priorities.

Microsoft .Net

Aberica developers have built competency in developing technical solutions and adaptable application components using the Microsoft .Net framework. By implementing the latest innovations in the Microsoft .Net platform, we ensure quality integrated solutions at optimum cost that fulfill clients’ strategic business goals and budget projections.


Use of the PHP scripting language gives our programming team competitive edge in the development of dynamic websites and various functionalities that online businesses need. Aberica software developers have extensive experience in web development and deployment using PHP/CGI. With PHP our programming team expands its flexibility to design solutions that fully meet the communication design criteria of our corporate clients. The reliability of our solutions leans on creating custom applications that are compatible with other developer technologies.

Database Programming

Database programming is at the core of delivering a wide spectrum of functionalities that match our clients’ growing needs. Aberica software developers are professionals in the areas of database design, development and consulting. Our expertise covers the whole spectrum of database programming – from database conceptualization and database design identification to programming, testing, and integration. Aberica Inc. is dedicated to the quality of its database development delivered through our commitment to understanding customers' needs.

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